4d Ultrasound

What is a 4d ultrasound?

A 4d ultrasound scan uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of organs and tissues in the body and show the baby in the womb.

A 4d ultrasound will show an image like a 3d ultrasound but the images will move just like a video. In a 4d ultrasound, if you and the sonographer are lucky and catch the baby at the right time, you may see him or her sucking her thumb or opening and closing her eyes.

When should I have a 4d Ultrasound?

A 4d ultrasound is recommended at approximately 27-29 weeks, by this time the baby will have a bit more fat on them, making the 4d ultrasound clearer. An ultrasound will usually take between 20 and 45 minutes, depending on how easy the baby is showing up and if a clear image can be gained.

To prepare for a 4d ultrasound it is suggested you drink plenty of fluids, eat before your appointment and wear loose clothing.

Will an ultrasound scan harm my baby?

These types of ultrasound scans will not harm the baby, there have been many studies into this, and the findings were that they are in no way harmful to your unborn baby.

The sonographer will try and get the baby to move around so they can get a good, clear scan for you, they may suggest going for a walk, this is to wake the baby up so it cannot be asleep. They may suggest eating sweets or chocolate, this is said to stimulate the baby and make him or her more active.

Most ultrasound clinics will allow you to take images or a DVD home to cherish your memories forever.

baby scan


Tree Felling

Tree felling is a procedure that involves the cutting down of a tree. It is basically cutting down a tree and dropping it where you want it. There is something called limbing -this is the removal of branches, another term used is bucking this is the procedure of cutting down a tree into required lengths.

To carry out the process of tree felling, you do need permission because it is an offence to cut down, destroy or wilfully destroy any trees, this is due to a tree preservation order.

Tree felling should only be carried out during certain months, it is asked that the months between March and August are avoided due to this time being the main breeding season for nesting birds.

When tree felling is carried out there are certain processes to make the tree fall in the way that you want to. First, pinpoints the exact direction where you would want the tree to fall, make a cut at the top of the trunk of the tree, at a suggested angle of 60 degrees, saw to the depth of about 20-25% of the tree’s diameter., then make a horizontal undercut that meets the cut at the top.

Tree Felling

We must always try and preserve trees as much as possible and tree felling should always be thought of as a last resort. Trees contribute to our environment by providing oxygen, the conservation of water, climate amelioration and improving the air quality around us. During the process of photosynthesis, trees will take in carbon dioxide and produce the oxygen that we breathe in.

There is one tree called the Sandal that cannot be cut down without government permission.


Pet vaccinations

As a responsible pet owner one of the best things, we can do for our pets to help keep them safe is take them to the vets every 12 months for their vaccinations and booster injections.

Pet vaccinations protect our dogs, cats, and rabbits from nasty life-threatening diseases.

A lot of diseases that are out there can be fatal to our pets if they are not vaccinated, pet vaccinations are there to protect our pets from such things, and most vaccinations will create or boost our pet’s immunity to certain diseases, it will also prevent our pets passing on any diseases, and of course, will give us as owners peace of mind that our pets are safe.

The most common diseases that a pet vaccination will cover our pets are:
Dogs: Parvovirus, Canine Distemper, Leptospirosis, Infectious Canine Hepatitis.

Cats: Cat flu, Feline Infectious Enteritis, Feline Chlamydophila’s, Feline Leukaemia Virus.

Rabbits: Myxomatosis, Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease 1, Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease 2.

There are some side effects that can come from the vaccinations, such as fever, fever, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, and some sluggishness. These should subside quite quickly and if they do not, or you are worried always contact your vet.

Most pet vaccinations should be followed up once a year with a booster injection, some can be longer, but most will be every 12 months to keep them effective.

Dog in a jumper

You can speak to your local vet practice and they will be able to advise you which vaccinations your pet will need when they can be done and how much they will cost. Some vets will do packages that you can pay upfront for and will cover the pet’s vaccinations for its lifetime, or some will do a package for 3 or 5 years. Always speak to your veterinary practice for the best advice on this.



Gender Reveal Parties

A gender reveal party idea was originally started in America back in 2008, by a lady called Jenna Myers Karvundis. She originally came up with the idea because she felt her husband’s family were not as excited as they should be, so she decided to gee them up with a gender reveal party.

Since then expectant parents to be, have tried to come up with increasingly creative ideas to reveal the gender of their unborn baby to close friends and family.

Some of the ideas used are Cupcakes filled with pink or blue icing, Piñatas filled with blue or pink confetti, balloons filled with pink or blue powder so when popped fill the air with the colour, also available are scratch cards ready for friends and family to reveal the pink or blue colour underneath.

There are lots of ideas people will come up with for the gender reveal, the more original the better. You can ask for a sealed envelope with the baby’s gender reveal in so you can take it straight to the bakery and ask for the coloured icing (whichever it may be) to be filled in the middle without even you knowing! This will then be cut at the gender reveal party so it is a surprise for everyone.

Maybe this is just another thing that an expectant parent may be “expected” to do, so many people ask a close friend or family member to arrange, sometimes the last thing you want as a pregnant woman is more pressure put on you and feels the need to arrange a gender reveal party!

If you do not want a gender reveal party do not feel the need to have one, one families gender reveal party went wrong: A couple in Iowa set up a metal cylinder to a stand, packed it full of coloured powder and gun powder and detonated it. They used explosives in the hope for a big bang but unfortunately, the device exploded like a pipe bomb, and it killed a family member who was standing close by.

So if you are thinking of having a gender reveal party, be careful, think smart and most of all make sure it is safe for you and everyone around.

Some people may still like the surprise of having the gender reveal at birth, some are superstitious and would rather not know until the day and others are simply happy that they are having a baby and do not care whether it is a boy or girl as long as it is healthy. Everyone is different so just do what feels right to you do not let anybody pressure you into having a gender reveal party if you do not want one!

Baby Girl in pink
Baby Girl in pink


Baby Boy in Blue
Baby Boy in Blue

CCTV Installation Birmingham

Knife Crime and CCTV Installation Birmingham

cctv installation birmingham

Today it was reported that knife crime is seeing the steepest increase in areas outside London. Those under 24 are the most likely to carry a knife. In the West Midlands, nearly 700 school children were victims of knife crime in the West Midlands. 41 of these crimes were committed by children of primary school age. Further information shows that 690 children, under 17, in 2018, were attacked or threatened with a knife in the Birmingham region. In fact, there are reports that Birmingham has overtaken London in the number of stabbings since January.

As knife crime increases around the West Midlands, there is sense of foreboding in Birmingham city. Young people only feel safe when carrying a knife and this, in turn, increases the amount of knife crime. There are reports that this comes from funding cuts and this means schools and local businesses who’s carparks and surrounding areas are frequently used as knife crime sites cannot d much to decrease knife crime. CCTV installation Birmingham, however, can increase the feelings of safety and in a few cases deter knife crime from happening in a certain area.

Schools will benefit from CCTV installation Birmingham due to the nature of the increase in knife crime. Young people are those most targeted by knife crime and are the most likely to commit knife crime. With CCTV Installation in Birmingham schools, parents and children will feel safer. CCTV is found to be more effective in enclosed areas, where there are no blind spots. So, a school is a good area to have CCTV Installation Birmingham.

Although we can in no way promise that CCTV installation Birmingham will reduce the level of knife crime in the City, it can help to prosecute those who carry a knife or commit a crime using a knife. Equally, many feel safer with CCTV installation Birmingham in place, even if there isn’t an effect on the level of violent crime in the city. Improving the mental wellbeing of a city can only be positive and therefore, CCTV Installation Birmingham is recommended. When CCTV is in place there is a positive effect on the city and we therefore strongly recommend the installation of CCTV.