salvageIn order to manufacture rigs, you need to have certain materials which can only be obtained through salvaging. This guide will try to cover the basics of how salvaging works, aiding all players, old and new, who are starting out in the salvaging profession.

Wrecks can be found almost anywhere. You may be on a mission for your agent, going belt to belt, going against your enemy in war-times: any time a ship has been destroyed, a Wreck will be left behind. Wrecks come in different sizes, depending on the type of ship, and have different amounts of materials in them. The rule of thumb is that the bigger the ship, the more materials you will be able to Salvage.

Salvage Materials
The materials vary from race to race and are consistent with their specialty. Thus, a Guristas ship will drop shield and missile materials, while Sansha will drop laser and armor components. All factions and races will drop circuits.

Skill Requirements
You want to get into the action, but before you can do that, you need the skills. Let us first check what skills you have and what you need. You need to use a module called Salvager;, the basic skill requirement is to have Salvaging at Level 1. In order to train that skill, you need the following skills:

Mechanic Level 3
Survey Level 3
Electronics Level 1

If you meet the requirements, you can train the skill and use the module. The skill will increase the chance of successfully Salvaging from a Wreck.

Fitting the Module
The fitting requirements are not that high, so you should be able to fit the module on any ship you possess. It needs a high slot, 20 CPU and 1 MW, and consumes 20 capacitor points for every 10 second cycle.

Once you have obtained the module and fitted it on your ship, you can start locating a Wreck. The easiest way is to head into an asteroid belt and shoot an NPC. It will leave a Wreck behind, indicated in the overview as a triangle pointing down with a line on the top. You will either see a filled triangle or an empty one. If the triangle is filled, this means there is loot to be found in the Wreck. This is important, as you can not activate the Salvager on a wreck that contains items and will need to empty the Wreck before proceeding. Once the Wreck is empty (empty triangle icon), you must target the wreck and be within 5000 meters before the module will scan the wreck for useful salvage.

The module is activated like all other modules with the appropriate function key or by clicking on it. You are then given a message after each cycle, stating whether you were successful or not, or if nothing was salvageable. If you fail in a Salvage attempt, you may continue until you are successful; thus you do not have just one try at each Wreck.

The amount of Salvage and which components you receive are calculated based on percentages pre-defined into the Wreck. Once a salvage attempt is successful, the material will automatically be transferred to your cargo hold if you have sufficient hold space. You can then proceed to another Wreck. There is no limit to how many Salvager modules you can fit to your ship, other than the amount of high slots on your ship and the CPU and power output of your ship.

Player Ships
Player ships drop salvage materials as well. They drop the appropriate materials of the race of the ship; for example, Amarr ships will drop Amarr materials. Please note, Sansha and Blood Raider ships are quite similar to those of the Amarr, thus they will yield similar materials.

Tech 2 player ships also drop tech 2 components needed for tech 2 rigs. Tech 2 materials are extremely rare, but the rigs are considerably more efficient than their tech 1 counterparts. Officers and commander NPCs also drop tech 2 salvage materials.

Rigs are like implants, just for your ship. You can tune your ship to better handle certain features, such as dealing with more damage, strengthening resistances, shortening cycle times, scan ranges, etc. The salvageable materials are used in the manufacture of the Rigs.

Rigs work under the same principle as other modules and implants. They need slots to work, calibration points and, of course, the skills. The basic skill is Jury Rigging, which you will need to manufacture the Rigs or install them on your ship. There are also numerous sub skills which are needed for specific Rigs such as shield rigging, armor rigging, etc. There are numerous types of Rigs, each aimed at different aspects of running your ship, such as shield, armor, electronic warfare, etc.

Other Tips
As the salvage module can be fitted on all ships that meet the requirements of the module, there are many options in terms of what ships you can use. You can also use several modules to speed up the process. Tractor beams also work on the wrecks, so fitting a tractor beam can also help your cause in salvaging more quickly.

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