Ink Rub Test

Rub testing and printed labels

When considering printed labels, the rub test device tests for the amount of abrasion and/or scuffs that may result during the shipping, handling or storage process. Furthermore, the test may be used for the labels of products such as medical devices. However, these labels must be legible and stand up to wear over time.

Fabrics and rub testing

An ink rub test determines the colourfastness of the colour or dye in a fabric in the textile industry. Fastness to rubbing also determines how well a fabric will resist stains. A test for fastness to rubbing can be performed on dry or even wet fabric. Both of these tests are essential.


Colourfastness and rub testing

If a fabric has a decent colourfastness, it is more than likely that it will resist fading when the material is washed. If good marks are shown up on the rub tester, this will indicate that the fabric is durable. The durability will be rated from grade 1 to grade 5, with grade 1 being a high degree of colour transfer and grade 5 being hardly any to no colour transfer. However, the factors which may affect the overall outcome of the rub test is how well the fabric is made, the colour of the fabric, the darkness of the fabric and how the fabric will be used.

Rub testers

There is a range of ink rub testers which will allow you to test printed labels, fabrics and colourfastness. These testers bring new levels of repeatability and convenience to testing the durability of inks and coatings on any printed material.